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For many patients, the idea of talking about hemorrhoids with their doctors can be embarrassing. After all, this condition happens in one of the most discreet places on the body. Who finds it easy to ask questions about hemorrhoids or their symptoms?

In fact, you should feel free to open up to your doctor about this common yet uncomfortable condition. You can prepare for your visit now by knowing what questions to ask about hemorrhoids.

How Serious Are Hemorrhoids?

The first question you might be concerned about involves how serious this condition actually is. Are hemorrhoids something to be worried about or will they go away on their own? The answer to this question varies from patient to patient and depends on a variety of factors. For many people, hemorrhoids are mild and something that will go away on their own. For others, it is a condition for which more extensive treatments are necessary.

Your doctor can tell you how serious your hemorrhoids are after he or she examines you. Together, you can come up with a treatment plan that will address this condition in the best way possible.

Which Conditions Mimic Hemorrhoids?

Another worry you might have is that you suffer from something else other than hemorrhoids. Your imagination might run wild with worries that you actually have cancer or suffer from a more serious illness than hemorrhoids.

It is true that hemorrhoids can mimic symptoms of other diseases, including anal and colon cancer. You can rule out these other possibilities by going through a proper examination at your doctor’s office. If you are found to suffer from hemorrhoids, your doctor will suggest a number of different treatment options, like using prescription medications or undergoing laser surgery to reduce their size and swelling.

Do I Need Surgery?

Once you are diagnosed with hemorrhoids, your next question might be, “Do I need surgery for them?” Depending on how extensive they are, they may need to be treated with operations like sclerotherapy or laser surgery.

However, if they are mild, external hemorrhoids, your doctor might prescribe a cream and antiseptic pads to reduce their swelling. Many cases of mild hemorrhoids clear up within a matter of weeks.

Talking about hemorrhoids with your doctor might seem embarrassing at first. However, these questions can help you learn more about your condition and the best way it should be treated.

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