Relieve Severe Hemorrhoid Discomfort with Ligation Treatment

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Hemorrhoids make everyday life more challenging.

Symptoms like burning, itching, and swelling can make it difficult to sit down, walk, and use the bathroom.

  • Many over-the-counter products are not capable of providing you with the long-term hemorrhoid relief you want.
  • You may get the comfort you need by undergoing ligation surgery to remove your hemorrhoids.

What is Hemorrhoid Ligation?

Hemorrhoid ligation is also known as banding. During this procedure, your surgeon will attach tiny rubber bands to the base of each hemorrhoid being treated. The bands stop the blood flow to the hemorrhoids and cause them to fall off after about a week.

This procedure is minimally invasive and utilizes a surgical instrument called an anoscope that is inserted anally to attach the bands. The anoscope is about the same size and diameter as a pencil. It should not cause much if any discomfort to you during the operation.

Hemorrhoid ligation can be an alternative to more invasive hemorrhoid removal surgery or to procedures like sclerotherapy. People who are not eligible for these other operations could still be good candidates for hemorrhoid ligation because it is relatively painless, does not involve the use of general sedation, and comes with few risks like bleeding and infection.

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What to Expect During Hemorrhoid Ligation

During your hemorrhoid ligation, you will remain awake and alert so you can speak with the doctor as the operation is performed. Your doctor will want to know if you are in any pain or if you need more topical anesthetic applied to the hemorrhoids that are being treated.

Most ligation procedures take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The procedure is performed exclusively on internal hemorrhoids with one to two growths being treated during a single surgery.

The operation can be performed in your doctor's office or at a single day surgery center. It is done on an outpatient basis so you can go home to recuperate and rest the same day.

Recovery from Hemorrhoid Ligation

The recovery period for hemorrhoid ligation surgery is shorter than the time it takes to recuperate from more invasive hemorrhoid operations. During your recovery period, your doctor will instruct you to drink plenty of clear liquids and to eat a soft diet. You also may be advised to use a stool softener and fiber supplement. These precautions help you keep your stools soft so you do not strain during bowel movements. Straining can cause tears and bleeding to the treated area.

You also should avoid heavy lifting for up to three weeks after the operation. Straining likewise can cause bleeding and tears to the area.

Hemorrhoid ligation can be the ideal solution if you want your hemorrhoids removed without undergoing extensive surgery. This procedure is fast and simple from which to recover. It also provides you with the long-lasting relief you need from the worst of your internal hemorrhoid symptoms.

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