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THD Treatment

THD, also known as transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization, involves the use of a Doppler to tie off blood flow to hemorrhoids. It’s estimated that 50% of Americans will suffer with hemorrhoids at one point in their lives, and minimally invasive treatment methods provide a great option for patients.

  • No tissue needs to be removed with THD
  • The entire procedure is minimally invasive

How it Works

The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. An anoscope, combined with a Doppler, is used to find the end branches of hemorrhoidal arteries. Once these are located, sutures are used to tie off blood flow. This is also known as a suture ligation.

Blood is not able to flow into the hemorrhoid, and the vein is able to remain intact to allow blood to flow out, reducing its size. This procedure does not involve any removal of tissue, unlike a hemorrhoidectomy. Studies show that THD, when performed accurately, is a safe procedure and one of the most effective treatments for hemorrhoids.

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Am I a Candidate?

You might be a candidate for THD treatment if you have internal hemorrhoids that are causing you to experience unpleasant symptoms, and conservative treatments haven’t worked.


The sutures are absorbable, and pain during recovery is minimal. Since no tissue is removed, most patients return to their regular activities very quickly. The affected areas will likely restore their normal anatomy in just a couple of months. It’s important to follow your doctor’s post-surgery instructions, which will likely include eating a high-fiber diet and drinking plenty of fluids.

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