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Stool incontinence occurs when gas or feces unintentionally leak from the rectum. It is undoubtedly embarrassing for any patient.

Due to the social stigma associated with incontinence, many people who experience bowel control problems avoid discussing it with their doctor or even their loved ones.

The first signs of potential bowel control problems could begin with an infection or itchiness in or around the anus. In some cases, fecal incontinence is temporary, and only involves a short bout of diarrhea. For other patients, however, this problem can become chronic. Fortunately, new technologies can help.

What Causes Stool Incontinence?

A poor diet, prior laxative use or issues with hemorrhoids, or complications during childbirth can ultimately lead to chronic problems controlling the bowels.

While loss of bowel control is more common with age, it is not an inevitable part of aging. If you are planning your activities (or rather, avoiding some of your activities) around your bathroom breaks, it may be time to re-evaluate your diet. If you are using personal garments to protect yourself in the event of an accident, and feel like you have less control when the urge to use the bathroom arises, it's time to seek help with management.

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Medtronic's InterStim Solution

If conservative therapies, such as medications, bowel training, and making changes in your diet, are not helping advanced therapies may be able to turn things around. Medtronic Bowel Control Therapy delivered by the InterStim system works at repairing the communication lines between your bowel and your brain, unlike any conservative therapy methods.

The InterStim system is surgically implanted. The size of the InterStim system is about the size of a couple of quarters, and over 250,000 patients have already experienced the relief that comes with the surgery. 89% of those patients report long-term successes, such as significant quality of life improvement, increase in activities, and, of course, decreased anxiety and shame.

The InterStim system is FDA-approved and minimally invasive. So if bowel problems are affecting your quality of life, don't believe that you have to settle for accidents or planning your life around the availability of a bathroom. Talk to your doctor about Medtronic's Bowel Control Therapy and take the first step in getting your life back!


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