Eliminate Discomfort and End the Pain from Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

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Pain and discomfort are two common symptoms of thrombosed hemorrhoids.

This variety of hemorrhoid is hard to ignore, but at our medical practice we specialize in mitigating the effects of these potentially debilitating formations.

  • Thrombosed hemorrhoids are a subset of the hemorrhoid family
  • They are known to cause many uncomfortable symptoms

What are Thrombosed Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are inflamed, enlarged veins that are located in the anus and rectum. The majority of hemorrhoids drain naturally, but in some cases can lead to blood clots, or thromboses. These clots are collections of special clotting agents called platelets, in addition to blood proteins and other substances. This material may form tough, durable lumps of blood that become trapped in anal and rectal veins. The frequent result is swelling, distention, bleeding, pain, and even necrosis.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids form both internally and externally. Internal varieties may form in the venous pads of the rectum, but if swollen enough may protrude from the body. External varieties form on the anus, and because of their positioning may require specialized therapies.

How Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Are Diagnosed

In order to accurately and consistently identify thrombosed hemorrhoids, gastrointestinal doctors harness sensitive diagnostic technologies. Examples of imaging equipment include anoscopes and colonoscopes. Both tools use imaging technology to reveal the locations of internal thrombosed hemorrhoids. External varieties are generally simple to visually identify.

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How Doctors Treat Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Our medical staff members have a variety of treatment tools and regimens designed to fit the unique circumstance of each individual patient. Some of the therapies that we use to accomplish our medical mission include:

  • Infrared Photo-Coagulation Therapy: This treatment regimen uses focused beams of infrared light to deliver targeted heat to the bases of thrombosed hemorrhoids. This method successfully resolves many instances of this illness.
  • Hemorrhoid Banding: Certain kinds of internal thrombosed hemorrhoids fit the criteria for banding therapy. This simple yet effective therapy uses special bio-medical rubber bands to constrict blood flow to hemorrhoids. Over time, this method can shrink and eliminate troubled vessels.
  • Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization: This minimally-invasive procedure combines imaging and manipulation technologies to find and choke off hemorrhoids.
  • Dietary Changes: Diet and hemorrhoid occurrence often have much in common. Another valuable tool in the battle against hemorrhoids is diet. At our well-appointed medical center, our staff members will instruct you in dietary choices that can speed your recovery and prevent reoccurrences.
  • Sclerotherapy: Sclerotherapy involves small injections of special solutions into clotted hemorrhoids. This approach often shrinks and eliminates problem veins.

At our medical center, we specialize in diagnosing and treating thrombosed hemorrhoids. Our highly-trained and dedicated doctors have years of experience in the mitigation of rectal blood-clots, and stand ready to apply this experience to your unique needs.

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