There are many treatment options for hemorrhoids.

Whether hemorrhoids are related to pregnancy, having excess weight, over-straining while making bowel movements, or chronic constipation, it's safe to assume you just want them to go away. But if you're not having success with common home remedies involving topical creams, warm baths, and similar efforts, you may be referred to a hemorrhoid treatment center in Los Angeles to explore the following treatment options

Stronger Hemorrhoid Medications

When you visit a hemorrhoid treatment center in Los Angeles, you'll likely be asked about what treatments you've already tried. If over-the-counter medications haven't been effective, stronger medications may be recommended. These may include corticosteroids to ease inflammation and swelling, hydrocortisone suppositories, or combination anesthetic and corticosteroid drugs to relieve itching and rectal pain.

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Clot Removal

A blood clot (thrombus) sometimes develops in external hemorrhoids. If this happens, you may be sent to a hemorrhoid treatment center in Los Angeles to have the clot, which can contribute to severe pain, swelling, and bleeding, removed. A small incision is made to remove the clot. This procedure is most effective when performed within the first 2-3 days of a clot developing.

Surgical Hemorrhoid Removal

Hemorrhoids that are large or causing excessive bleeding or pain may need to be surgical removed (hemorrhoidectomy) at a hemorrhoid treatment center in Los Angeles. During the procedure, excess tissue is removed. The type of anesthesia used will depend on the size and location of the hemorrhoid. In some cases, a local anesthetic is combined with some type of sedation. Both external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids can be treated with surgical removal.

Tying Off Hemorrhoids

Rubber band ligation, which is essentially tying off hemorrhoids, is a minimally invasive way to treat swollen anal veins. It involves the placement of small rubber bands around the bottom of the hemorrhoid. Within a week or so, the swollen tissue falls off because of a lack of circulation. There may be some slight bleeding after the procedure, although this normal. Pain medication may be prescribed to manage any discomfort. There are two other minimally invasive options that may be performed at an L.A. hemorrhoid treatment center:

  • Injection (sclerotherapy): A chemical solution is used to shrink hemorrhoid tissue.
  • Coagulation: Heat is used to cause an internal hemorrhoid to harden and shrivel.

Hemorrhoid Stapling

Another alternative to traditional hemorrhoid surgery is hemorrhoid stapling (stapled hemorrhoidectomy). Performed on internal hemorrhoids that have prolapsed – extending from the rectum through the anus – or ones causing severe bleeding, this procedure is performed with a stapling device. It's used to attach the affected tissue to its normal position.

If you have successful results at a hemorrhoid treatment center in Los Angeles, it can be helpful to take additional steps to keep swollen anal veins from developing again. Eating more high-fiber foods, for example, can reduce your risk of developing constipation. You may also be advised to drink more water, avoid using dry toilet paper, and not use perfumed or alcohol-based wipes. Recurrence in the affected area is low if your hemorrhoids are removed with surgery.

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