Hemorrhoids are veins within the anus and rectum that are inflamed.

If you've recently been diagnosed with hemorrhoids, you'll likely want to obtain surgery from a reputable hemorrhoid surgeon in Los Angeles. If the bleeding and discomfort that you're experiencing with these swollen veins have yet to dissipate through medication and diet changes, the hemorrhoids may need to be removed altogether by a hemorrhoid surgeon in Los Angeles.

Before you schedule such a procedure, it's important that you know what it entails.

What Is Hemorrhoid Surgery Used to Treat?

There are two basic types of hemorrhoids that you could suffer from, which include internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are situated within the lower rectum as well as the lining of the anus. On the other hand, external hemorrhoids are situated directly underneath the skin of the anus. While it's possible for hemorrhoids to occur without you noticing them, the only reason that surgery may be required is if the symptoms are so severe that more invasive forms of treatment are necessary.

Make sure that the hemorrhoid surgeon in Los Angeles that you choose has garnered extensive experience in performing this treatment. If the procedure goes according to plan, the swollen veins will either shrink substantially or disappear altogether. Keep in mind that hemorrhoid surgery is considered to be the most effective solution for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

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What Are the Different Hemorrhoid Surgery Types?

Once you've found the right hemorrhoid surgeon in Los Angeles, there are a variety of different types of hemorrhoid surgery that you can select, all of which have proven to be effective at getting rid of these swollen veins. The most popular treatment is rubber band litigation, which involves fitting a rubber band directly around the base of the hemorrhoid. When this occurs, blood supply to the hemorrhoid will be restricted, which will lead to the hemorrhoid eventually falling off.

A procedure known as coagulation can be used for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids that are bleeding. This treatment involves the creation of scar tissue around the hemorrhoid that restricts blood supply and causes the hemorrhoid to fall off. A couple of additional procedure that might be applied to the hemorrhoids that you're suffering from include a hemorrhoidectomy and sclerotherapy, the latter of which involves the injection of a chemical solution into the vein to numb nerve endings and eventually cause the hemorrhoid to fall off.

Recovery Process

he recovery process for hemorrhoid surgery depends on which procedure you're provided with. If the procedure that you've obtained is aimed at restricting blood supply, it will take a few days for the hemorrhoid to fall off. The wound around the area will then take a further 1-2 weeks to properly heal. With hemorrhoid banding, it can take several procedures to get rid of the hemorrhoid altogether. Once the hemorrhoid is fully removed, the recovery process will likely last for 2-3 weeks. You can aid this process by eating a diet that's rich with fiber and by drinking plenty of water.


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