It is fairly common for some people to deal with hemorrhoids on a regular basis, especially for people from ages 45 to 80.

They can be painful and quite the nuisance. Treating mild flare-ups can be done using simple home remedies. However, if your hemorrhoids are more painful than usual, last a long time or begin to bleed, it may be time to get them checked out at a hemorrhoid clinic in Los Angeles.

Below are some signs to watch out for that will warrant a visit to your doctor.

Types Of Hemorrhoids

There are two basic types of hemorrhoids: internal and external. The external hemorrhoids will form in the anal canal. Internal hemorrhoids will form around a person's rectum right on top of the anal canal. One type is not often worse than the other and both can cause issues. Internal hemorrhoids left untreated can cause rectal bleeding. Lack of treatment for external hemorrhoids can lead to thrombosis, which can lead to painful hemorrhoidal strangulation.

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Excessive Pain

External hemorrhoids can be painful to the touch. They might be irritated when wiping with toilet paper or when they are covered with clothing. While a small amount of pain and irritation is normal, excessive amounts of discomfort and pain should be checked out by a doctor at a hemorrhoid clinic in Los Angeles.

Rectal Bleeding

A small amount of bleeding from your hemorrhoids is not something to be concerned about unless it continues. If the bleeding continues or gets worse, consult with a hemorrhoid clinic in Los Angeles right away. Large amounts of bleeding could be accompanied by fainting or dizziness. Be sure to get checked out by a reputable doctor right away if this is the case.

Persistent Hemorrhoids

Most mild cases of hemorrhoids will clear up on their own in a few days. For large external hemorrhoids, they may take longer to heal and cause significant pain and discomfort because of their location. If over-the-counter remedies like creams or warm sitz baths do not help them heal, it is best to consult with your doctor or make an appointment at a local hemorrhoid clinic in Los Angeles.

Lack Of Hemorrhoid Diagnosis

Most hemorrhoids cause mild pain and itching around the anus. If you have already been diagnosed previously with hemorrhoids, you can use home remedies and over-the-counter pain relievers until they heal. If you have not been diagnosed by your doctor and feel any type of lumps around your anus, it should be checked out. This is even more essential when the lumps are accompanied by rectal pain or bleeding. These symptoms warrant scheduling an appointment with your doctor right away.

While most cases of hemorrhoids don't come with severe complications, there are some rare cases when they develop into more serious issues. No matter how serious your case of hemorrhoids is, a visit to the doctor can help. They may prescribe a specific medication for pain relief and healing. For cases of hemorrhoids that persist, your doctor at a hemorrhoid clinic in Los Angeles may suggest minor hemorrhoid surgery.

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